Monday, October 12, 2015

What's it All About?

A few months ago I started reading the blog of an old friend I had finally tracked down online. Prior to this I hadn’t paid much attention to blogs or bloggers. Occasionally, I would stumble upon one by following a link in an article I was reading, but I would never revisit to see the blogger’s latest. I’m only reading my friend’s blog because we knew and last saw each other 40 years ago, and I wonder what he’s like and whether we would have become friends if we had met more recently.  I’m intrigued and a bit discomfited to note that he writes like my second ex-husband. 

When I say I hadn't paid much attention to blogs, that doesn't mean I wasn't writing one myself. For several years I've written occasional posts and stored them on blogspot. Every once in a while I would write something I was not ashamed to have someone else read and be sorry that I had no readers. It never occurred to me that one could procure them by reading other people's blogs. If someone had suggested this, my response would have been to wonder why I would want to read someone else's blog. Wouldn't I rather be reading Virginia Woolf's diary?

Once I connected with my friend and realized that he might see my blog, I deleted all the previous posts. Not surprisingly, I regretted having done this --some of that stuff wasn't half bad. Oh, my inferiority complex. Will it never leave me? 

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