Thursday, December 31, 2015

Facing the future

I am resolution phobic.

A few years ago my New Year's resolution to get back to ice skating met with unhappy results. I blame the first fall on a bad sharpening job. I had the guy at the University rink sharpen my skates, which I hadn't used in many years. I stepped on the ice, skated off and fell flat on my back. I was shocked. How could I fall like that?  I decided the jerk only knew how to sharpen hockey skates and I went home badly shaken. The next year, I foolishly made the same resolution. To prove that I really meant it, I joined the local private skating club (not cheap).  I had my skates sharpened by the skate shop manager who had sold them to me when I was a member in the 90s. I went skating a few times, so I know the blades were fine. But one Saturday I over confidently tried something I hadn't done in years, and I fell badly. The Club insisted on calling an ambulance though I refused to go to the hospital. When we moved this summer I gave away my skates. Tonight I am tempted to resolve to get back on the ice this winter. Maybe what I really need is a new pair of skates.

I have to wonder why I would persist in this. It's not as though I was ever more than a recreational skater. I guess I'm just not ready to admit that there is something I am no longer able to do. Because if this, then what's next?

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