Thursday, December 17, 2015

My favorite things

One thing I collect is statements by writers about other writers, so I was excited when I discovered a remark Elizabeth Bishop made about poet Donald Hall in a letter to Marianne Moore. Bishop has just read Moore's poem "Style" which the New Yorker had rejected. Apparently Moore has told her the magazine chose to publish poems by Walter de la Mare and Donald Hall instead.

" I can bear, possibly, that Walter de la Mare "replaced' you...because he is so old, but NOT Donald Hall - what I've seen of his verse is excruciatingly dull, and so nicey-nice, too. That's why Time likes him so much, no doubt."
I like Bishop's loyalty to Moore expressed here, but I also get a special kick out of this find because of Hall's later association with Moore. His flattering Paris Review interview of her is often all that anyone knows of Moore. Hall, though pleasant to read, will not last.

I've just finished reading his Essays After Eighty, a repetitious meditation on boomers' favorite topic.

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