Saturday, January 09, 2016

Keeping the demons at bay

I have only just read Rachel's post of 3 Jan. and I want to respond to it. For me, having a person at home to love and be loved by makes everything else tolerable. And I do mean tolerable, not better, because so much of the world is almost unbearably ugly, sad and annoying.

Some say a starlit night in the mountains is better if shared with someone else. My take on this is a bit different. Those glorious visions of a nature make me sad. They fill me with a painful longing for something inexpressible. The pain is particularly acute when I do not have a lover, but even when there is someone waiting for me at home, a long walk on an empty beach can be depressing.

So, yes Rachel, I agree. If we are safe at home, we are able to venture out fearlessly.

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