Saturday, January 09, 2016

What a mess

Poland seems to be reverting to its true self. They always were a bunch of antisemitic, homophobic fascists.

In France, too, there is a flexing of the Vichy muscle.

Turkey should stop imagining they can be a credible mediator between Saudi Arabia and Iran, or anyone else.

Prince Mohammad of Saudi Arabia wants to assure all that there will not be a war with Iran, because one would have to be "not in their right mind to push for that."

The Obama government's rounding up and repatriating of Central American refugees is horrifying.

Apparently Homeland Security ignored reports of the growing danger of anti-government extremists and quietly closed the department tasked with tracking them. Of course, the SPLC has been calling attention to this threat for years, but no one listens to them.

More cases emerge of children abused by their teachers and priests, specifically in a German children's choir and at an elite New England boarding school. And yet, the authorities say Muslim men can't keep their pants on.

I have to stop. More news will only make me more nauseated.

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