Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Primary Day

My Uber driver and I talked about the election this evening. Detecting an accent, I asked if he was eligible to vote. He is and he had, though he maintained that it was pointless as the entire system is rigged. He said he's surprised the United States is as corrupt as his native Kenya.


  1. What does it say that someone so recently in the country is already so jaded?

  2. In the Moore documentary "Where to Invade Next" showing in cinemas here in Europe it was said that people released from prison in the USA are not allowed to vote, and that there is an 80% chance they will end up back in prison. In Norway prisoners are not only allowed to vote but they are allowed to vote first. The chances of a Norwegian ex-prisoner being returned to prison as a repeat offender is 20%.

    1. Of course having the world's highest prison population means the US has a ready made source of cheap labour, let's not call it slave labour, which makes everything from fast food burgers to Victoria's Secret underwear, according to Moore.

  3. Maybe the corruption is a little more sophisticated than Kenya's. A friend of mine returned to London from abroad and was picked up by a mini-cab, driven by an African who had only recently arrived in the UK. Not only could he not properly drive the car, but he didn't even know which direction London was. My friend got into the driving seat and drove it to his door, then left the driver stranded outside.