Thursday, May 05, 2016

Yom HaShoah

Given the recent news and blogging about anti-Semitism, I thought I'd point out that today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. An old friend of mine, who teaches linguistics at the University of Haifa, recounts on his Facebook page that he made sure not to dismiss his Thursday class until after 10:00 so everyone would be in the room when the siren went off, forcing the 75% of his class that is Arab to also stand in silence.

My friend and I have only recently reconnected. I am often struck by what I would label as right-wing comments from him and others on his FB page. His political opinions are decidedly anti-Palestinian, but also anti-Arab in general. I am interested in his point of view and try to engage with him to learn what I can. I have no interest in challenging him or arguing. He knows so much more than I do, both about daily life in Israel and the history of the last 50 years there. He's a very smart guy with a very particular perspective.

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