Wednesday, June 08, 2016


Stonington CT from the NY to Boston train

1.  Looking forward to the Tonys on Sunday night - even though we're getting a little tired of Lin-Manuel Miranda.

2.  Text from my NY daughter after I apologized for choosing The Crucible as our latest theater outing: I LIKED the Crucible! And Ben Whishaw's scrawny waist! (We knew going in that it was not going to be a rollicking good time.)

3.  A sign of the times: In downtown Boston yesterday I came across the outdoor post of an antiquarian bookseller, where the 2 volume Compact OED was selling for $6. Fifteen years ago I would have joyfully hauled it home. Instead I picked up A.A. Milne's The Red House Mystery - his only mystery -  for $1.

4.  I love this picture of a group of top computer scientists gathered in San Francisco to discuss a new phase of the web -- using post-it notes.

5.   It's Hillary for sure. I wish I could be pleased.

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  1. That web-inventor's post-it note session reminded me of this story: A friend of mine underwent training in Air Traffic Control, but backed off because of the mental strain of responsibility when faced with a computer simulation of impending disaster at a busy airport - two planes on collision course in his sector - too scary even in simulation.

    He told me a true story about one ATC at a busy airport who had a nervous breakdown as the skies filled in his sector. They use pieces of coloured paper which represent airplanes on their screens, and perform the symbolic hand-over to the guy sitting next to them by handing them the bits of coloured paper as the plane leaves their screen. When they carted away the jibbering ATC from his seat, they found about four bits of coloured paper screwed up and chucked in the waste paper bin - which represented the real airplanes which he could not cope with!

    1. It is true that ATC at all London's airports run on the pass the note to each other method to represent the planes coming in and presumably taking off
      It works perfectly well. I saw a programme about it a few years ago. It is mor reliable than the computer system.

      Thanks for the rest of your news; I havent a clue what it was about. Nice view from the train.

    2. Always happy to keep you guessing, Rachel!

  2. The No. 4 is great! And I would have chosen The Red House Mystery too. (I have it).