Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Oh Jesus. Turkey.

I was going to write about how Brexit might affect the status of the English language. But watching videos from Istanbul airport, I don't have the heart.


  1. Just to think - Turkey has been begging to join the EU for years. I.S. are moving further West, and the weaker they get, the softer their targets.

  2. And also just to think - Some politicians want to fast-track Turkey into the EU; with visa free travel in exchange for refugee swaps to begin the process. My strongly held view is that Turkey is in illegal occupation of half of the EU country of Cyprus and that the EU should be putting pressure on Turkey to remove their forces from the island. But they won't. They'd sooner have their secret trade meetings, go interfering in the Russian area of influence (as was agreed by treaty), hold their own members to economic ransom, and all kinds of other chicanery. No wonder the Brits and others are annoyed to put it mildly.

  3. And just to think - as I reported a few weeks ago - on Erdogan's decree if Kurdish MPs in the Turkish Parliament dare to criticize him they do so under threat of prosecution and jail. Erdogan turns the Kurds into his biggest threat.