Friday, July 08, 2016


I was living in England during the Watergate years. Many of my English friends were shocked by the disclosures of government cover-ups and absolutely certain that nothing similar could possibly happen in the UK. Is Tony Blair finally the Watergate wake up call for the British? I am so used to the routine malfeasance of political and government figures that I find it hard to accept the naiveté of others. Yes, the American system is corrupted by money. And so are all the others.

For several months it has looked as though this summer's political conventions might resemble the 1968 Democratic convention. We expect protest. Activists have already applied for permits to demonstrate in Philadelphia, and Trump protesters will just show up in Cleveland. But in the aftermath of the police shootings this week in Dallas, it is likely we will also witness a 1968 type police-protester clash. Cleveland and Philadelphia are both cities where a heavy police response could spread to rioting beyond the convention sites. It's going to be a hot summer.


  1. It's said that there are foreign arrest warrants in existence Blair and that he has to be carefully where he travels. Obviously he can't know for sure where these warrants are until his flights touches down. No wonder he's a nervous wreck. There was a court case in Malaysia about 5 years ago and he was found guilty of war crimes 'in absentia'. If he lands there, say his plane is diverted by a typhoon, he'll never see the light of day again. I don't know how he can sleep at night.
    The Pope, who is always so wonderful it's not true, should man up and excommunicate his new RC recruit.

    1. It galls me that Bush is not in the same precarious position. By the way, I loathe the expression "man up". Just saying.

    2. The man who swore the warrant for the arrest of Milosevic says he knows of warrants out for Bush and says he is effectively a prisoner in his own country. It's on YouTube somewhere.

    3. I assume Bush is perfectly happy to stay in the USA.

    4. I'm watching the clintonleaks with great interest.

    5. See my comment over on your post from yesterday.