Wednesday, November 09, 2016

What happened?

It was the polls.
It was the white working class.
It was because they took Wisconsin and Michigan for granted.
They should have listened to Bernie Sanders.


  1. Years of global exploitation making the poor even poorer and eroding the social fabric has resulted in society turning around and biting the hand which didn't feed it.

  2. The wind of change is blowing through the world.

    In the US the president-elect is going to drain the swamp.

    I'm optimistic. Putin is optimistic. Merkel is depressed. Schultz is growling like a wounded beast. Junker is as usual clueless.

    1. Gwil, how can I comment on your blog. Message says only blog members but I don't see a way to join. Please.

    2. Go to Zen my Ass on my side bar Shawn. That takes you to Gwil's new blog.

  3. It was because Hillary Clinton is a corrupt and dangerous woman and a liar and good people realised it before it was too late and have saved you.