Thursday, December 29, 2016

the week between

I see that I have three draft posts from last week entitled "Breaking News", "Family Christmas" and "Christmas in Colorado". The first two exist as titles only and the third is a short paragraph reporting how happy I was to get back on the ice after several years of fearful avoidance. I'm still pretty chuffed about it. While we were enjoying family time in Boulder, the kids went to Pearl Street to pick up some edibles. They decided that 1/3 of a gummy was all I could handle and they were probably right. I laughed a lot and then suddenly felt achy and grim and went to bed. I'm pretty sure their post-xmas trip to the movies was all about consuming the rest before flying out the next day.  

We spent the last day talking about where and when we would get together again. Bizarrely, we seem to have settled on a July week in Connecticut - a state devoid of personality - as being not too inconvenient for those in Boston or New York. We'll rent a large house in the charming village of Stonington, where we'll know nobody. Apparently, that's an advantage, objections having been made to returning to the lake community where we spent summers as a family.

Home now and alone while R is in Philadelphia with her family, it feels like a week between time. Not yet 2017 and not enough left of 2016 to make a difference. I'm going to cook warm and soothing dishes and watch old movies for the rest of the year, starting with Gigi, which I don't even need to see to enjoy, playing in the background while I make a ribollita. 


  1. The most impressive thing about Boulder to me was seeing Moose on the verge of the by-pass road. Big, eh?

  2. We had moose in Northern Maine, on the Canadian border. They were always a surprise.
    You certainly have gotten around, haven't you!

    1. I had a friend in Denver and she lent us her car. She's now down South.

  3. I wish you a Happy New Year, Shawn. Spending the in-between time with comforting meals and nice DVDs is not a bad past-time.