Saturday, December 03, 2016

We got through Thanksgiving and the service for R's grandmother, nicely planned for the same weekend though she died back in August. I was happy to be able to go to the funeral. I liked MJ, as she was known, and I've always liked funerals. Growing up, I never went to church, my mother being a strict atheist, but funerals were an exception. I especially like the stained glass and the music and the quiet of this Victorian Gothic building.

Twenty years ago I worked at that church as the property manager. They had just had a successful capital campaign and needed someone to manage the spending phase which was to include deferred maintenance of several church properties and some renovations in the church itself - repairs to the bell tower, a new choir room, modernization of the space used by the Flower Guild, and eventually some major changes to the sanctuary including the installation of a new altar table which would allow the clergy to face the congregation during the consecration, rather than the east wall. The table had been commissioned at great expense from a church furnishings designer in England. When it arrived it turned out to be the wrong size and a ready made table was quickly purchased and installed in its place.

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  1. Now I am guessing that this is not your voice. I mean, a furnishing designer from England getting away without a severe ball-bashing from you for getting the alter table wrong in the 'church' is unthinkable. I remember going to restaurants with you and cringing as you berated waiters for leaving the spoon upside-down on the saucer.