Friday, February 10, 2017

Flame Out

Despair or hope?


  1. Traditionally, the New Yorker cover on this week, known as the Anniversary Issue, features some version of Rea Irvin's Eustace Tilley, the monocled dandy in the top hat that graced the first cover in 1925. Who am I writing this for? If you know the New Yorker you already know this, and if you don't, you probably don't care. But I am a lonely woman with no one to talk to but my Chinese students who care even less than you do.

  2. A class better than Der Spiegel.

    It's like the Olympic torch . . . sometimes spluttering . . . but not going out.

  3. "Saving Energy" ... maybe... or the plea to "rekindle the fire"? A very depressing cover. (I bought " a hundred postcards" with title pictures of the New Yorker).
    Why are the Chinese students not interesting? (Mind: i did not write: interested)

    1. Every 4 years it flares into brightness.

      The Angel of Merkel is running for a 4th term. I'd rather have the Donald for 1 term methinks ;) as would the thousands drowned in the Mediterranean or the hundreds frozen to death in trucks answering her open door call. She could have sent them cruise liners, they have the world's biggest, 6,000 berths, but she didn't, even though I begged her. Leopards. Spots. Nothing in the press or on the news about Israel if it's not good. Guilt complex. European psychosis. Brits can't handle it, so better off with Brexit. Holland might be next.

    2. Thanks for weighing in, Britta. I always appreciate your comments and questions. I've been tempted by those New Yorker postcards myself! Do you send them to people or just shuffle through them yourself? The other ones I love are the postcards of Penguin book covers. I'm sure I would keep them all, thus adding to my general glut of paper materials.

      As for my Chinese students, mostly I teach 19 year olds who are between high school and university. In general, they have no interest in politics or current events, unless there is a celebrity status about the story (as in the recent murder of the Kim Jung Un's brother). I have tried to understand and excuse this lack of interest on the basis of their age; however, the other significant cohort in my classes is young South Americans and they do follow the news. Always trying to be culturally aware though!!