Friday, September 29, 2017

Keeping dementia at bay

My recent visit to Bath, along with Stephenson's post about Edgar I, got me thinking about the mnemonic verse of the English monarchs that I learned from my English husband way back when. I have to admit that I could not recall it in full and had to resort to the internet to fill in the gaps. It makes a great party piece here in the US, so I'm determined to keep it memorized. In a few years time, it may be the only thing I remember.

Willie, WillieHarryStee,
Harry, DickJohnHarry three;
One, twothree Neds, Richard two
Harrys four, fivesix... then who?
Edwards fourfiveDick the bad,
Harrys twain and Ned the Lad;
Mary, BessieJames the Vain,
Charlie, CharlieJames again...
William and MaryAnna Gloria,
Four Georges, William and Victoria;
Edward seven next, and then
George the fifth in 1910;
Ned the eighth soon abdicated
Then George the sixth was coronated;
After which Elizabeth
And that's the end until her death.


  1. I have never heard that one. I have a chart which shows the length of reign in terms of height of Corinthian columns. It's age is obvious from how low Elizabeth 2's column is compared to Victoria's. As of this year, Liz's is a little higher than Vickie's. The column for one king (I forget which) is a line, because he was murdered with a day or so.

  2. I had assumed all English schoolchildren memorized it.