Friday, October 20, 2017

Dream, dream, dream

Last night I dreamt I was moving into a flat in the Royal Crescent. Such is my never-ending fascination with Bath.

Lots of people look back with tenderness on the halcyon days of college. I didn't have a traditional university career, so perhaps my time in Bath is standing in for those all-important years of relishing independence with relatively few responsibilities and lots of partying. I would not want to be that silly girl again, but I miss the parks, and the hills, and the light on the stone.

Is there a place that enchants you? Would you want to go back?


  1. For me the enchanted land is Venezia. Sadly the Serenissima is not what it used to be. Tsunamis of tourists and polluting goliathan cruise liners that have arrived over the last ten or fifteen years. I thank whatever gods there may be for the university and the young people. And the few traditional shopkeepers still hanging on against all the odds. I love Italy. I can watch Italian tv in Austria. The great Luciano Pavorotti is on tv as I write my reply to you. Italy, Venice, alto Adige, Tuscany, Naples, and many more. I love them all. I love the people, the olives, the sun, the wines, the artists, the writers, May it always go well with la belle Italia.

  2. Ah, Venice. But would you want to live there?

    1. I'd have loved to live on the Dosoduro in the days of Ezra Pound. Now the fish seller, the butcher, the grocer, the green grocer, the baker are gone,bony to be replaced by cheap souvenirs, glass ornaments, an over abundance of beggars and the latest in your face fashion. It's no longer Venice. A woman told me she feels like a stranger in her own town. I had to agree with her. It's very sad. It's really a tragedy.

  3. I just got back to Bath from a thatched cottage in Dorset, so maybe I am living your dream. Given the choice, if I had to go back to anywhere, it would be to post-Restoration Bath, or maybe Oxford, or maybe London...

  4. It's Tom getting into your head Shawn .... haha !!!
    London is my favourite city but, Venice is wonderful as is Siena, the Amalfi coast, Croatia, UK villages, Lake Powell, Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon .... I could go on and on and on ........... XXXX

  5. It's getting old and wanting my youth back. He was a fine youth!