Monday, February 05, 2018

#FlyEaglesFly 2

The point of this post is to segue from my newly acknowledged Philly pride to my love of the greatest Philadelphia institution of all - The Mummers. Because I am mocked for this attachment by my nearest and dearest, we'll do it in gentle steps, via the world class Philadelphia Orchestra.

Of course, it's lovely to see the Orchestra support the home team, but for real Philadelphia flavor, it has to be the Mummers. Here is the South Philly String Band - not in costumes - marching through South Philly to the tune of Fly Eagles Fly. What I love about this video is that even though this is just an informal stroll around the neighborhood, without costumes, they are in form, and the Captain, who doesn't play an instrument, is keeping his hands busy with a can of beer. Note the strut beginning at 3;14, all you out-of-towners.


  1. I love mummers. I love the dancing. The music. The enthusiasm. And, a total aside, I love that Philadelphia beat New England.

  2. I knew you were my kind of gal!

  3. First time ever I heard or see them - but great! Love it! Uplifting - want to join in!!