Friday, November 30, 2018

Moving Again

Though I'm reluctant to leave this perfect city apartment, I am moving once again. This time to Concord, Massachusetts. Associations with Thoreau, Hawthorn, Emerson and Alcott, historic revolutionary battle sites and quintessential New England architecture make the town pretty irresistible. Throw in a free house, courtesy of R's school, and it IS impossible to resist.

Five moves in 12 years. I'm done. Reb had better promise to work here until she retires. By that time, thanks to our age difference, I should be dead.

In case you've forgotten that Paul Revere poem that you memorized in 6th grade - or are not American - here you go:


  1. Not much is worse than moving, but then it's over. Concord is good. History smacks you around every corner.

  2. I hope it's over for good. Yes, looking forward to Concord. Come visit.

  3. There was a riot in Concord immediately after peace broke out. One side went through the streets with banners saying 'CONCORD' and the defeated people misread it as CONQUERORED. Oops.