Tuesday, January 15, 2019

What comes next?

Does anyone seriously think that a second referendum could provoke violence?


  1. Yes it could. Right wingers have already hi-jacked the Yellow Vest movement from France, and Left wingers are all set to riot if Corbyns's vote of no confidence in Theresa May fails. It will fail. Europe has said that there will be no more negotiation, but there again they are a bunch of cheese/sausage-eating surrender monkeys. Theresa May will be forced to open the debate across both parties as she should have done 2 years ago, or the Conservatives will not only lose power, but will lose power for about 12 years. What should have happened two years ago is that the Prime Minister - after consultations with every interested party - should have given demands, not tried for weak negotiations which were destined to fail from the beginning.

    Our elected representatives have been playing politics with our futures by trying desperately to save their own parties and their own jobs. They are all/both (there are only 2 now) despicable career politicians who have tried to bully back-benchers into helping them, and have failed due to those back-benchers putting their country before their jobs.

    The whips have no power any more. Things have changed forever. What they do about Northern Ireland remains to be seen. It is beginning to get interesting.

  2. Thanks for this, TS. I still don't see Brits taking to the street, but these are definitely unchartered waters.

    1. Handfuls of nasty people have been harassing MPs outside Parliament.

  3. There have been Remainers and Brexiteers outside Parliament and they seem to be getting on well with each other for quite a while now and say that they respect each others views but, that could all change ...... we have had quite a few violent exchanges over the years, so it could all kick off !!! XXXX